Introducing India Bazaar brand water bottles in all stores! Drink with Purpose.

India Bazaar’s 100% purified water bottles don’t just quench your thirst, but also give you the opportunity to contribute to a charity and do your part in saving the planet.  By drinking India Bazaar Water, you are proudly giving back to the community.

Drink More Water, Educate More Daughters!

India Bazaar has partnered up with Vibha to support a noble cause–educating daughters in India! For every bottle you purchase from any of our locations, $0.05 cents will go to Vibha to contribute to this great cause. Vibha is world renowned organization that helps under-privileged children at various levels. Vibha runs different programs such as Sikshana and Door-Step School that bring about a remarkable change in the lives of under-privileged children.

For Further Details on programs or the organization Vibha, please visit www.Vibha.org

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