INDIA BAZAAR – The Rising Company
Since 1904 | In USA Since 2004 | Online Since 2011

India Bazaar is a perfect destination to your grocery needs.  We feature a rich variety of high-quality merchandise, impeccable customer service, and of course everyday low prices. At India Bazaar, we just don’t stock groceries from assorted cultures. We bring India to you, your family, and our community at large! We take pride in saying that we welcome the best of all products from India and Southeast Asia to provide a rich experience of variety of products to our invaluable customers. Our goal as a grocer is to offer the products to you at the lowest possible prices at a retail location that is clean, comfortable and holds a welcoming ambiance.

We Foster the legacy of our family company started more than a century ago, in Gujarat, India in 1904, by our great great grand fathers, pioneer among the spice sellers. We carry forward the ideals of the same company started back then, now in the name of India Bazaar in the United States. India Bazaar is currently serving the community with its 7 locations in Dallas Texas area. Plano, Valley Ranch, Richardson, and South Irving and now open in Frisco.

The roots to our victorious growth lie in the deep conviction of Mr Kishore Pabari in catering to the needs of the community! His belief is to provide people home away from home. We strive to give back to the people, to the community, and to the land where we belong. Founded in Plano, Tx in 2004, by Pabari Family, India Bazaar is a culture driven Indian grocery store market and chaat house located in Dallas area. A business legacy of high standards and excellent service now stands tall as the fastest growing Indian grocery store in the USA!

The satisfaction to serve the community stimulated our desire to serve the people nationwide. Hence, in 2011 we created another landmark by addressing the community needs online. Now with the online shopping portal we address to the needs of our people all across the United States. The online portal not only gave us satisfaction to service but also provided the comfort to people to get access to Indian groceries at their doorstep right from their homes.

Our Passion lies in catering to the growing needs of the community. Our successful journey rests in the instrumental support of our customers and the exclusive customer service. Our mission lies in our passion which is to bring the latest and top notch quality brands from the streets and stores of India to the shelves of India Bazaar.

We stand by what we say,

Nobody Gives You India Like We Do!


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