We Recycle


India Bazaar realizes its responsibility towards raising recycling awareness in the society. With the traffic of over 500 shoppers a day, we feel that we should spread the word that unites us as residents of this earth. We would like to share with you about the steps that we implement in our daily operations in hope that you, as our customer and citizen of this great city, take similar steps in helping us preserve the world that we have been blessed to live in.

India Bazaar’s Recycling Program:

1. Plastic bags: Recycle bins are placed at all India Bazaar locations to collect unwanted/extra plastic shopping bags for recycling purposes. Our stores have collectively distributed over 25000 non woven tote bags since June 2009.

2. Recycle of wooden pallets: We take pride in recycling the wooden pallets which are used by the wholesalers to deliver fresh groceries and vegetables to us on a daily basis. We went an extra mile on appointing a team member to make sure we get the top dollar in our pallet recycling process, which in turn, is used to save you more on your groceries.

3. Boxes: Most of our groceries come from their respective factories in boxes. India Bazaar generates a huge pile of these boxes which are now part of our recycling program. Each box gets discarded and recycled properly to ensure that we generate cash value to bring our customers more cost efficient groceries.

4. Ink toner and office supplies: India Bazaar is a part of Office Max ink recycling program and discards them at Office Max locations. Our team members make sure we recycle papers and any other office supply which can be recycled or reused.

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