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A business legacy of high standards and excellent service that started more than a century ago, in Gujarat, India in 1904, by the pioneer among the spice sellers and is now carried forward today by team India Bazaar in the United States. Started as a small family operated shop in Plano, Texas, India Bazaar is currently serving the community with its Seven huge locations in Plano, Irving, Richardson, Valley Ranch and Frisco in DFW area!

Similar to some of the top names in business such as Exxon, India Bazaar opened its very first store in Plano, TX. Starting of as small grocery store in 2004, India Bazaar experienced tremendous growth through the support of the local community and realized the urge for expansion. India Bazaar then introduced a new standard among Indian grocery stores by opening its second location in Irving, TX (2009), only to create history by providing record breaking 30% savings to customers in the DFW Metroplex area, Oklahoma and surrounding cities. During its grand opening in Irving, TX, customers showed tremendous support by inviting all of their friends and family members from the surrounding cities even thought they had a 45-60 minute wait outside before entering the store.

From the Indian sub-continent, India Bazaar brings one of the largest and varied selections of grocery items to the DFW Metroplex for the expatriate community unlike any other Indian grocery chain, allowing them to enjoy the home away from home at a very affordable price. To keep our costs low, we have taken several measures including, directly importing food items from India.

With locations growing all over Texas, India Bazaar plans on becoming a chain of store that serves all south asian communities all over the great USA.

Here are 3 main reasons India Bazaar is your best option to shop!
1. India Bazaar obligatory direct buying from India and other countries, helps cut the middle mans profits, which indirectly was being paid by YOU, the shopper!
2. Best store size and locations: Have you ever wondered who pays the electricity bills and the rent for all the grocery shops that you shop at? Again the answer is YOU the shoppers. India Bazaar mandates that all of its operations are extremely cost effective without compromising the quality of products and your shopping experience. Why do we do this? Simply so we never have to raise our prices on products that are staple to the families we serve.
Next time you wonder why our competitors are charging a higher price for the same item, even if they are bigger in store size; remember that somebody has to pay their utility bills for their huge stores. The bigger the store, the higher the bill!
3. Fresh products: Our own buyers in India and our distribution warehouse in Dallas, gives India Bazaar the fastest turn around time for food products. Each day we work hard to make sure that the products that get to you and your family, are fresh, sealed and properly dated to ensure the best quality and taste. Those of us who work behind the scenes in India Bazaar are also part of the DFW community and are aware of grocery needs of South Asian immigrants and migrants.

The introduction of Reward Card Program, monthly newsletters and the new MahaBachat card, we can only imagine the journey ahead. But through the efforts and dedication of the team members of India Bazaar, the company has everything to look forward to a brighter future with limitless reach to the communities. Success is not a ladder that can be climbed with your hands in your pocket, and India Bazaar takes great pride in rolling its sleeves, pumping its muscles to bring about a positive change in shopping experience as well as the community it operates in.

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