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Apply to own – Please fill out the following questionnaire, we will contact you soon as we can.

What are the circumstances for wanting to explore entrepreneurship?

Why India Bazaar? What is your vision with India Bazaar?
Why do you think you are/will be a good business owner? Tell us about all the business/ employment opportunities you have had and reasons to leave.
What attracted you to India Bazaar?
What is your time frame to start the project?
What is your financial profile? What is your approximate Credit Score?
What city are you Interested in opening India Bazaar?
What is the south Asian population in this area? Is it growing? If so, why/how?
Are you a team player or One Man Army?
What is your  financial growth plan for the next 10 years?
Name one businessman whom you admire the most?
Who is your favorite politician? Why?
Any person from any other field who inspires you as a model of great leadership and success in business.

Phone Number
What We are looking for?
Trait 1: Have Clear vision.
Trait 2: Communicate your vision to motivate others to action.
Trait 3: Focusing on continual growth and learning.

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